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Archive for April, 2002

I just got back

Posted by jackie blue on April 30th, 2002

I just got back from a job interview for an actual full time job (yes, I guess there are one or two left in this city) and I’m not sure of the outcome, but I’d be really happy right now if I can just get some more freelance work. So if anyone knows anyone who needs design work…

I’m looking VERY forward to Stitch n Bitch tonight, it’s the most work I get done on these projects at any one sitting and the socializing is fun as well. I hope to get this sweater done in the next week or two so I can wear it while it’s still cool enough and I can move onto to something else! That’s ADD for you, I have to have a new thing to do every 5 minutes.

I’m working on getting more links up here (Marney is emailing them in droves) but I haven’t had enough time to go through them yet. I’m also working on getting Comments up, since YACCS is no longer accepting new users (damn them) I have to do some CGI scripting and I’m waiting for my ISP to do some configuration on my server directory. My ISP is actually a friend, so I might have to bug her some more.

Many thanks to my

Posted by jackie blue on April 29th, 2002

Many thanks to my friend Marney, who is helping me find some cool links to build up this page. I’m working at a newspaper today (my Monday gig) and don’t have a lot of time to post and update, but every little bit counts. Marney is new to to the knitting addiction, having learned when she was a small child but not picking it up again till a visit to my place about 4 months ago. Since then, she’s made about a thousand things, leaving me in her dust. She’ll probably make some guest appearances here soon.

Back later, I promise!

As a former employee

Posted by jackie blue on April 28th, 2002

As a former employee of The Mouse, I’m not sure if this fascinates me, or horrifies me, or both. Tempted to bid.

It’s a bleak and

Posted by jackie blue on April 28th, 2002

It’s a bleak and very rainy day so my usual weekend Central Park walk with my friends has been cancelled. Along with that goes brunch, so now I have to think of what to eat. But it’s a great day for staying in and knitting, which I plan to do. I need to find some mindless movie on TV and get going with the front of this mohair sweater. Time is not waiting for me.

Last night I saw “Into the Woods” on Broadway (second row, which awarded me a lot of detail) and I knew I was an addict when I paid great attention to the crocheted shawl on Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.

Speaking of crocheting, look what my mother made for me. It’s out of Rowan 4 ply cotton, and will be great for the beach. If only I can find myself a strapping young stud as this girl in the picture has.

rowan crocheted cap rowan cap

Anyway, I tried to learn to crochet and it just didn’t have a comfortable hand-feel for me. But I think this summer I will make another attempt.