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Archive for May, 2002

No word from interview

Posted by jackie blue on May 31st, 2002

No word from interview people yet. Today I need to get my butt in gear and clean up this apt., but I really am feeling lazy and still kind of down. Need to finish that Flame tank too, as it is officially summer weather in NYC and a light cotton tank like that would be so welcome right now.

Looking very forward to meeting Shetha tomorrow as she is visiting NYC this weekend.

Personal Yarns for the week

1. Where did you attend school as a child? (the first 6 years or so…) What do you remember about the building and the playground?
P.S. 100 in Brooklyn, N.Y., 3 blocks from my apartment in Coney Island. The building was pink. Yes, pink. It had green stairwells. There is a big schoolyard, with basketball courts, but I don’t remember it having any sort of playground at all. Maybe it did. A few years out of grammar school, I still hung out in that schoolyard at night. It was a haven for the older kids, and attracted a lot of drug dealing as well. Good thing I was a fairly clean kid.

2. Do you remember your first day? your teacher’s name? best friends? your favorite activity?
I don’t remember any details about the first day. My kindergarten teacher was Miss Paterniti and I don’t remember her at all. My first grade teacher was (I think) Mrs. Feder and all I remember is from photos, she had long black hair in a late 60s/early 70s ponytail, and pretty bad skin. She was probably in her 20s but looked much older. I had friends and most of them were boys. Barry, Jeffrey, Danny….I can’t really remember being very close to girls in the early grades. Later, definitely. Oh, I had one best friend, Pamela, when I was about 5 or 6. I don’t even remember if she was in my class, but she did live in my building.

3. What sort of lunch box did you have? What was usually in it?

I remember having a lunch box but can’t remember what was on it. Peter Pan, maybe? Who knows. I rarely ate lunch in school. It was so close to home, we used to go home for lunch.
4. Describe yourself as an elementary school student.
Probably pretty quiet and very much a daydreamer. I’m still the same, except for the quiet part.

Finished the back (or

Posted by jackie blue on May 30th, 2002

Finished the back (or front?) of the Flame tank last night and the slip stitch edging on the second shoulder strap did not keep it from curling at all, in fact, you can’t even tell the difference between the one that has the edging and the one that doesn’t. I think I will just have to take special care to block it, and I’m considering crocheting the edges.

Interview was *long* (3 hours) and extensive (5 people) but I have no clue how it went, really. Guess I will just wait and see. Thanks for the good wishes.

I’m waiting on a friend and hopefully will exercise in Central Park today. So far, the stress diet seems to be sticking.
Down 3 lbs.

Stitch n Bitch was

Posted by jackie blue on May 29th, 2002

Stitch n Bitch was fun as usual last night, though it was sad to have to say good bye to Carolyn. The evening did lift my mood somewhat (wish it would have stuck though, as I feel crappier than ever today…why are some people such jerks?). I nearly finished the first half of the Flame tank but I might have to do one of the shoulder ties over. I didn’t do the slip stitch edging on the tie and I think it’s making it curl too much. I’m trying the second tie with the edging to see if it really makes a difference. It was so funny, at least 4 of us last night were knitting variations on the same Rowan pattern. Must be THE look for summer!

Speaking of looks for summer, I have an interview this afternoon and have no clue whatsover to wear to it. It’s bad enough that I really don’t have any business-y clothes, but I have none in a size small enough to actually fit and flatter me, and very little in the way of summer interview clothes. I guess I always interviewed in winter? Who knows. I have this one suit (not conservative, but sylish) that fits well and looks good but the skirt is far too short. I will not go to this interview looking like Ally McBeal. I really am at a loss. I might have to wear that jacket with just some black pants. The one bad thing too is that the jacket has a little spot on the bottom front….

Nervous about today. About getting a job, or not getting it. About my mother having Shingles and feeling really sick today. About relationships or lack of them, and why I am struggling so.

My horoscope this week:
“You will get involved in an exciting, clandestine affair this week with more romance than a cheap, dime-store, Fabio-covered novel. Unfortunately, it will end up breaking your heart and destroying your life. But you can worry about that later. ”

Gah. So much for keeping it light.

Feeling rather hit by

Posted by jackie blue on May 28th, 2002

Feeling rather hit by a truck today. A personal life situation is upsetting me to the point where I feel physically ill. I hate that I am such an extreme emotional person sometimes. Why can’t I just let things roll off my back like other people can? I’m looking forward to SnB tonight for some distraction and being amongst cool people who don’t play head games!

I have a job interview tomorrow too, which is just adding to my stress level. I really need to get back to work, though I don’t want to give up my freedom that I’ve become so used to. Saturday will be one year without a real job.

Saw a pretty good movie last night, Nine Queens. This guy entered a script into a movie studio contest, and won. Anyway, it’s very entertaining, and managed to keep me from thinking too much for about an hour and a half.