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Archive for June, 2002

I didn’t get to

Posted by jackie blue on June 28th, 2002

I didn’t get to finish the back of the guernsey last night as I had hoped. For one, I had to frog 4 lines again because the seed stitch pattern was a little off somehow. And well, I just got distracted with other stuff, like spending all evening online. I wish I could just sit still and knit when I’m alone. I find it much easier in a group setting. Hey Marney, want to come over and knit tonight?

Today I’m off to Costco with a friend who has a membership and is willing to drive me back to Manhattan with my haul. I’m excited about getting cases of bottled water and toilet paper. Oh, it’s the little things in life.

Whew! client meeting went

Posted by jackie blue on June 27th, 2002

Whew! client meeting went well, freelance project is mine. Which means a bit of work to do for two clients now. Woo hoo! Though the gym just ain’t happening now. tired for no reason, weather probably. Going to stay in tonight I guess, and finish the back of that guernsey. Even though there’s a music event I’d like to go to, but it isn’t till 10.

I have precious little

Posted by jackie blue on June 27th, 2002

I have precious little to say today, at least so far. I really want to just sit and knit all day. I do have client stuff to deal with (looks like that possible freelance isn’t going to mesh out so well though) and I have to get to the gym. I’m doing something right in regards to eating well though, I seem to be dropping a few pounds without really trying. But this heat makes me want to skip exercise, and that isn’t good.

I just discovered that

Posted by jackie blue on June 26th, 2002

I just discovered that in my chattiness last night, I screwed up my heart panels on the Guernsey a little bit. Some extra purls that should have been knits. Probably no one would ever notice, but me being slightly anal, I’m now frogging stitch by stitch again. It’s only about 3 lines or so, so I figured catch it while I can. But how annoying.