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Archive for July, 2002

Bored to death at

Posted by jackie blue on July 30th, 2002

Bored to death at my newspaper gig today. Been here two hours and haven’t done a stitch of work, except another postcard design for a freelance client. Unfortunately I can’t work on my bigger project here, a web site I’m doing, as all my files are at home and I work on a different platform. Such a waste of time. But I have a feeling a lot of knitting willl get done today, if I can just pry myself away from my computer. Tonight’s SnB so I don’t want to knit *too* much and get tired of it by tonight. Yes folks, I do tend to bore easily if I do something too much.

A good luck out to a bunch of my friends who all seem to have interviews or new part time gigs this week. I hope that means things are changing, although I’m in a very different field than all of them so I’m not sure things are better in my area. My work is so specialized and there is still so many people out of jobs. But, at least I have a decent amount of freelance going on this week. Not high paying, but work nonetheless. If I can just keep this up, I’ll be happy. I don’t want to go back to an office full time. This way I can work whenever I feel like sitting down to do it.

But man, I’m bored today. A total waste of a day, though getting paid for nothing is not so terrible. Of course all the work will come in late in the day, and make me late for SnB anyway.

Still bogged down with

Posted by jackie blue on July 29th, 2002

Still bogged down with a freelance project, but yesterday was my mother’s birthday so I headed out to Coney Island. The weather was decidedly not beach weather (cloudy cloudy cloudy) so we headed over to the NY Aquarium and wandered there for about an hour. Nothing has changed there in years so we basically knew everything we’d see but it was nice to watch the fish swim around. Then we hung out at home and watched a movie and I did a bit more on the Guernsey dress. I’m anxious now to finish that project (still have quite a bit on the front and then both sleeves) because I’d much rather work on the Surf sweater now. Although I’ll get tired of that too and will need an interim (simpler) project to alternate with.

Here’s progress on the Surf so far, zoomed in for detail:

After hanging for awhile we went to Lundy’s for lobster and had a couple of 2 1/2 pounders. Food was yummy (it ain’t always so great there) but I left with a huge stomachache from eating so much. That’ll teach me. Well, it’s off to work now.

No time for knitting

Posted by jackie blue on July 26th, 2002

No time for knitting yesterday and little time coming in the next week or so. I’m actually bogged down with some freelance projects which unfortunately are a LOT more work than they are paycheck. And I’m starting to panic a little over one of them, which is due in a week, but I realized that my time is limited what with my mother’s birthday this weekend (and my penchant for the beach) plus my Monday gig wants me on Tuesday again. Arggh. It’s really all or nothing around here, and none of this stuff will result in any substantial money either. I guess anything counts but gads. I have a design to complete by this afternoon and I hope it’s approved immediately so I can get onto building the site next week. But I don’t even like the design yet. I am my own worst enemy. I’d better wake up and get to work.

Well, I think the

Posted by jackie blue on July 24th, 2002

Well, I think the new venue last night was a success. Great seating, good lighting, an array of food, convenient location, and nice staff. Yay! I think everyone liked it.

I worked more on the Surf sweater though I feel guilty leaving the Guernsey behind. The only problem at the SnB with these two projects is that they both take such concentration that I felt I wasn’t making much conversation. But I had a good time anyway.

Today is errand day, meaning laundry and cleaning up and going to work out. I must get all this done yet once again, I’m sitting at my computer for hours. I was supposed to hear back about a freelance gig today, but nothing so far. Three other clients (small jobs) are pending. I need some REAL work, dammit. I’m starting to wonder how I’m keeping afloat with no immediate danger of sinking. I can’t do this forever.