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Archive for September, 2002

Today I should receive

Posted by jackie blue on September 30th, 2002

Today I should receive the remainder of my yarn for the Caterpillar sweater, and then tomorrow at SnB I can start it, if not before. Although the Surf is coming along nicely, I’m eager to start the new one too. It’s nice to have things to switch off with.

On Sat., Marney and I hit some knitting stores. We went to School Products because she’s never been, but neither of us bought anything there. We also went to Knitting Hands for the first time, that was a cool place, but they were out of the Addi Turbos I needed. So, back to our fave, Downtown Yarns, where she got some yarn and I bought my needles.

Other than that, a good weekend with great weather. We walked in the park yesterday and wore ourselves out. I have to get back into exercising religiously. I came home yesterday and the dog and I both passed out.

Today it’s back to work at the paper, and I have a couple of bids in on web sites that need designing (not high paying, but hey, I need the work!) so cross your fingers that they come through!

Well, I received most

Posted by jackie blue on September 26th, 2002

Well, I received most of my yarn for the new sweater, but the place I ordered from was out of 4 colors (total 6 skeins) that I needed. Total bummer, though it’s not like I needed to start this one today. I just ordered the missing colors from somewhere else, since they didn’t say that it would be on backorder, it was just like “sorry, we’re out of this” and they didn’t charge me for it.

And I just LOVE the new Rowan Kid Classic that this sweater uses. It’s so light and soft and fluffy and the colors are gorgeously rich. I can’t wait to use this stuff. This sweater has far more Lurex Shimmer than I realized though. It will be sparkly. Though I guess since it’s used doubled with the wool it won’t be overly shiny, just a subtle shimmer. I hope.

Whoops, forgot to post

Posted by jackie blue on September 26th, 2002

Whoops, forgot to post yesterday. SnB was fun Tuesday night despite the absence of some of the regulars I look forward to seeing. But I got some more Surf done, and did a few rows last night as well. Looks like today might be the wrap of 2 freelance projects, and tomorrow I’ll work a half day at the newspaper, and then I’m done working for awhile. Except for Mondays. But that should free up a lot of knitting time.

Today my goal is to clean up a closet, possibly do laundry, GET TO THE GYM, and all the while entertaining my bored dog. It’s too dreary to keep him out today. I am also going to meet friends for dinner, and I must start a book for next week’s book club. It seems even when I have no “work”, there’s always way too much for me to do in a day. I need a time management assistant or something.

I am very excited

Posted by jackie blue on September 24th, 2002

I am very excited because even though I have a long way to go with the Surf sweater, and I have a lot of other small projects I want to do, I just ordered all the yarn to make this sweater from Rowan #32. I know, it’s crazy, I really didn’t need another project, it’s wicked expensive (but a gift so…) and the Surf will take forever. But I love the colors of this one and I like working with wool in winter.

Tonight’s SnB and I’m looking so forward to it. I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t knitted much at all. Today I finish up my freelance projects and then I’m without work for who knows how long, which is very scary but in a way, I just want to have some free time again to do whatever I want. Lunacy. I’ve had a year and a half of free time.