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Archive for January, 2003

OK, so I missed

Posted by jackie blue on January 29th, 2003

OK, so I missed it again. But I did a fair amount of knitting at work yesterday since Tuesdays are painfully slow. I’m about 1/3rd into the second sleeve of the Caterpillar (it goes so slowly because of all the color changes). Last night I did some more freelance work. Today I am going to a restaurant week lunch at 11 Madison Park, and tomorrow at Tabla. So much for dieting the winter pounds off. I’m ballooning before everyone’s eyes. Then tomorrow I also have a business meeting and in the evening, my class starts. I almost long for the days when I had nothing to do all week. I’m trying to fit in as much knitting as I can. But freelance work must get done!

I’m officially tired of

Posted by jackie blue on January 24th, 2003

I’m officially tired of business meetings. Today was the third in a row, and an early morning meeting in Hoboken, yet. I can’t tell if I got this job or not, but if I do, I’m set for the next month or so. And that would be really nice. But damn, it’s COLD out there again, and waiting for a bus in NJ this morning was brutal. I’m tempted to stay indoors for the rest of the day, save for dog walking, but I promised myself I would get back to the gym and check out the new Y that opened up near me for possible gym switching. The last thing I feel like doing is getting into lightweight sweats and going back out there, but the place is right around the corner. I really should.

I’m gonna try to knit some tonight. Soon work will take over and I’ll have little time for that. I also need to hone up my needlepoint skills and fix some very bad pulls in my beautiful needlepoint rug. I think it’s time to file the dog’s nails.

I know, I know,

Posted by jackie blue on January 21st, 2003

I know, I know, I know. I know I said I’d be back at SnB tonight. But as Betsy put it so well, the thought of staying out in this cold is not very appealing. But, the truth is, I have some work I need to get done tonight. I have 3 business meetings this week (!) and one of them wants some spec work before they decide on who will be doing the project. I hate that, but said I’d put something together. I’ve been installing so much on my computer lately and dealing with font issues that I’ve been unable to do any real work. And I needed to research more fonts for this job. But wow, if just one or two of these meetings results in a project, and I already was hired for another project by a past client…I will be a busy gal the next few weeks. And this is not a bad thing!

Still at work and want to go home. Today I started fooling around with Aran patterns for another alpaca scarf, but haven’t settled on anything I like. I couldn’t bring in the Caterpillar because the bag was too much to deal with while carrying a pretty heavy dog on the subway. Hopefully I will still have knitting time with all the other stuff I’m involved in.

I’ll be back at SnB, I’m not gone forever by any means.

I finished the first

Posted by jackie blue on January 17th, 2003

I finished the first sleeve of the Caterpillar yesterday afternoon, and now I hope to get the second sleeve at least mostly done this weekend. We’ll see. Today I’m off to Costco (I love Costco!) so that’ll be most of my day, and tonight I’m probably going out. I doubt there’ll be much knitting today.

Yesterday we had 3 blackouts in my building. I’m now an expert on setting digital clocks, as I had to do it repeatedly. I don’t know what they were doing downstairs but I hope they don’t repeat it. I was having flashbacks to the summer of 1977 when everything in the entire city went dark. Now THAT was an experience I’ll never forget.

I have some upcoming business meetings this week so cross your fingers for me, folks. More work would be a nice thing.