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Archive for May, 2003

Do I know this dog?

Posted by jackie blue on May 29th, 2003

Do I know this dog?

I promised my mother I’d post these. I just got Ty from the groomer. I brought in a Poodle, I got back a Bichon Frise. Who knew they could do that?

We’ll see how long this cleanliness lasts.

Well, no new knitting to report today. I will knit tonight and hope that my yarn order comes in soon!!

Posted by jackie blue on May 27th, 2003

OK, where is my back-ordered Zara yarn already? It was supposed to be a week, it’s a month now. I’m getting concerned I won’t have the yarn to finish this blanket. Anyway, I didn’t have any knitting time over the cold, rain soaked Memorial Day weekend, although it certainly would have been perfect to sit on a porch somewhere, covered in blankets, knitting. Oh well. Instead I had a fairly social weekend, playing mah jongg, visiting my brother and family (and finally meeting Miriam, the new baby) and hanging with my current guy. We watched a lot of TV, ate a lot of good food, and did some shopping in the rain. Yesterday it was back to work for me despite the holiday. Ah, the joys of working for a newspaper.

Today I’m knitting at work. It’s nice to get paid to knit.

Oh, and by the way. The Matrix Reloaded last night?


Yesterday, in the throes

Posted by jackie blue on May 23rd, 2003

Yesterday, in the throes of another gray, rainy day, I stayed in and knit. Up to 17 squares now, the 18th in progress. I’m trying to decide now whether or not I really want to go as much as 36 squares. I mean, what’s the average sized baby blanket these days? I know she’s only 2 months now and doesn’t need a whole lot of blanket to cover her, but I’d like to thaink they’d get some decent use out of it. At least till toddler-hood, right? Anyway, I think I’m going to work up to 24 and begin sewing it together. Then I should be able to judge the size and decide if I want to add another 12 square panel. Problem is, how can I spend a lot of time knitting when I want to read my Harry Potter too?

Despite the endless bad weather (of course today is gorgeous, it’s Monday), I had a pretty good weekend. Friday night I was wrangled out to see the HULK (don’t bother) and then hit a midnight Harry Potter party to buy the book. Saturday Joe and I watched a very wet Mermaid Parade, but hey, they’re mermaids, they are supposed to be wet. That was a lot of fun. But we were tired of being waterlogged by then and stayed home with takeout and DVDs. Sunday night Ayelet came over for the season premiere of Sex and the City.

Now it’s back to the grind. I’m hoping to do some blog stuff tonight if I don’t have to work too late.

OK, I know it’s boring

Posted by jackie blue on May 22nd, 2003

OK, I know it’s boring to keep going on about something so mundane as the weather, but I simply can’t believe it’s nearly Memorial Day weekend and we haven’t had more than a day or two out of the low 50s. That and it’s dark and rainy today, and just plain COLD. I fear the beach is in the far distance. I am just really depressed about this weather. I don’t think it will be a nice weekend either and I had visions of laying in the park on Sunday, soaking up some sun, working on this darn blanket.

Up to square 12 or 13. Knitting the other night with my friend Shirley while watching the final of Buffy (boo hoo!) was a lot of fun. It’ll be nice to have a once in a while knitting friend again, since SnB seems so long ago in the past.

Today I have a bunch of client stuff to do but I haven’t forgotten about my plans for a change to this site. Soon, my friends. Soon.