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Archive for June, 2003

OK, I’m officially getting sick

Posted by jackie blue on June 24th, 2003

OK, I’m officially getting sick of knitting these squares. It’s just so repetitive. I wish at least that they were varied squares, but they are all identical. I almost don’t need to look at the pattern anymore. Now I know why I like to have several projects in the works at once. I am definitely ADD Girl and I get bored so easily. But, I really want to get this done and alternating it with other projects will only drag this out too long. Not that they need a blanket now, it’s 90 degrees out there (FINALLY!!!), but I feel like a gift should be given when the baby is born, not when they are 6 months old. I should just keep it as a first birthday present. Ha. Or fifth birthday, at this rate.

I’m looking at a low key week, evening wise (it’s feast or famine, sometimes I’m out every night and sometimes I just want to stay in and relax) so my goal is to be done with 24 squares by next week. I have a feeling I won’t live up to that goal. I’ll probably have freelance work again, and the gym beckons after weeks off, and who knows what evening invites might crop up in the next day or two.

I think I’m up

Posted by jackie blue on June 18th, 2003

I think I’m up to 15 squares now, which means I am almost halfway done with this blanket. I figure if I sit still and knit continuously, I can do a square in about an hour and a half. So why is it taking so long? I don’t sit and knit continuously. I have so many other things to do too! Call me Short Attention Span Girl.

My main freelance client is on vacation this week which frees me up for knitting and blog modifying. So that’s what I will do. See you all soon.

Oh, and a shout out to the “old acquaintance” who commented on how sad my life is, well, I like my life very much! I think it’s a sad, unhappy person who has to leave derogatory comments on people’s blogs. So, there ya go.

Pretty good weekend

Posted by jackie blue on June 16th, 2003

Pretty good weekend just passed. On Friday night it was Loser’s Lounge, then Saturday day we spent some time at the dog run, headed to Central Park, and then got caught in a total MONSOON of rain in the middle of the park. There wasn’t a dry spot left on us, in fact, 2 days later, some items in my purse are still wet. But, it was fun, other than the fact that it was hard to walk in drenched leather sandals, and my poor dog was scared, wet, and very cold. He seems to have recovered though.

Then on Sunday I met up with my friend Shirley and we headed into Brooklyn to go to Knitting Hands, only to discover they were closed when we got there. Since they are usually open Sundays it was really upsetting, there was no alert on their website that they’d be closed on that date. I’m losing all enthusiasm for that place between my order that never showed up and unexplained closings. So we headed deeper into Brooklyn to Sew Brooklyn, which is really a sewing store but supposedly carries yarn, only to battle a street fair in progress and discover they had like a half dozen kinds of wool at the most, and ONLY wool. Ummm, hello? It’s June. Something cotton would be nice.

At that point I gave up on yarn shopping (I wasn’t buying anyhow) and we headed back to Manhattan, where I met with Ayelet for a jaunt in the park. I did get a square done in the midst of all the travelling and waiting. Maybe I’ll actually get this blanket done by Fall.

OK, so I promised changes

Posted by jackie blue on June 13th, 2003

OK, so I promised changes to this blog and they are underway. I don’t know how I get so busy when half the time, I’m not even working. Or knitting. I sat down to watch a movie last night and picked up my knitting but barely did more than 10 rows of a small square. Sometimes I just don’t have it in me. Which is why this blanket is taking so long.

I’ll try and knit a bit today but I really have to clean up this place, put away laundry from yesterday, return a couple of things to Old Navy that I should not have bought (I already have similar items in the same colors!) and go to the gym.
My evening will start early tonight, it’s the Loser’s Lounge tribute to XTC tonight. Looking very forward to that.

And the word about town is that it will rain again tomorrow (RAIN!) so who knows what we’ll do, but Sunday will be sort of nice. Of course I have no plans for Sunday, except maybe hang at my mother’s. Eeesh.

Well, it’s time to take the dog out and get wet once again.