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Archive for August, 2003

Damn the Internets

Posted by jackie blue on August 29th, 2003

I’ve been having tons of trouble with my home connection, so I will spend this afternoon waiting for the cable guy for the second day in a row. Hopefully won’t miss him, since I am working till mid afternoon today. Anyway, it makes it hard to post here or surf.

I have 3 squares to go still, but confident that I will get it done this weekend. I am unsure of my plans, whether or not to go to the beach when it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend (dammit!!). A friend is doing a round of movie-going, so maybe I’ll stay in town for part of the weekend at least. Last night we saw The Adventures of Robin Hood. That Errol Flynn had some legs, didn’t he?

Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. I expect to have knitting news when it is over.


Posted by jackie blue on August 26th, 2003

3 and a half squares to go. The 32 already done have been sewn together. This blanket WILL be finished by Labor Day, so help me. After these last 4, just some more sewing, and then I have to knit and sew all the edging. But, it’s doable. Especially if the forecast is calling for rain for at least part of the weekend, I’ll have no other plans to get in the way of finishing this thing.

I am so ready to start some new projects, and do some work on my Surf sweater. There’s a Rowan cushion cover I need to do (that came with membership) and I have 2 more babies to knit for - another grand niece or nephew and a friend is about to become a father. I think I will do a sweater for one or both of those - that will go much faster than this crazy blanket.

I can’t wait to be able to post about something else!

Well finally…

Posted by jackie blue on August 25th, 2003

A weekend of extraordinary weather. Except it was so breezy that on the beach it turned into a wind that made it impossible to keep an umbrella up and caused more than a few sandstorms. The result of no umbrella, even with liberal application of SPF30, is that I’m starting to look like an old saddlebag. I might have to turn in my membership to the Island of Manhattan and move to Florida or something - I look way too “healthy” to live here anymore. As if a tan is healthy.

I managed a bit of knitting and I’m determined to have news as far as the blanket goes pretty soon. I anticipate a busy fall, workwise, so I have to use up my leisure time in a productive/knitting way.

I can’t believe next weekend is Labor Day. I still have that end-of-summer-blues thing that I always had as a kid. Especially with so little beach time this year.

Well, back to Monday.

another year older

Posted by jackie blue on August 21st, 2003

but I never seem to get any wiser.

I had a nice birthday despite it being such a shitty week. Mom and I hung out, went shopping, she bought me the Retro Toaster Oven that I had my eye on, and a really nice skirt from my favorite store, Anthropologie. We had a lovely (and oh so filling) dinner at Tocqueville, where the waiter brought me TWO full desserts because I couldn’t decide which one. Insanity.

Then I met a friend for a late showing of Le Divorce which I liked very much despite critics not loving it. It only reinforced my love affair with Paris and my desire to return very soon. It’s been 3 years since I last went and I sure could use a vacation.

I’m laying low today. It’s HOT outside and my heart feels heavy. I think I will work on that baby blanket so I have something new to work on and post about soon. Tonight a couple of friends and I will have dinner and see this Pretty in Pink tribute, and I’m looking very forward to that.

Life goes on, my friends.