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Archive for November, 2003

I am the idiot…

Posted by jackie blue on November 25th, 2003

…that forgot my DPNs at home so I can’t finish the top of the Bucket-o-chic today. I will knit on the circulars till I can’t do any more and then finish off the ruffles on the Latifa scarf and I will be all set for the cold weather that seems to be setting in. I love the yarn I’m using for the Bucket but I’m not sure I love the way it’s coming out - I didn’t double the yarn for the brim as I was supposed to (it’s a very thick yarn as it is) but now I kind of wish I did - I’m getting too much roll although doubling might not have helped that. I also wish I made the brim a little wider than the pattern called for. But, I will see how I like it when it’s all done. I think it will be cute regardless. And I can always make another later, say in black, if I don’t wear that scarf with it.

Monday Blues

Posted by jackie blue on November 24th, 2003

Well, I knit a bit over the weekend and just about finished Latifa except for the last couple of ruffles, and tucking in all the ends. I ended up shortening it quite a bit from the intended 76″, stopping at 60″. It seemed just a bit too much scarf for me at that length. I don’t like to wrap around too many times or I feel like a mummy.

And even though I have a baby thing to start on soon and several other projects in progress, how can I not have a (somewhat) matching hat? I roped myself into joining the Bucket-o-Chic knitalong. I picked up some Reynold’s Alpaca over the weekend at Downtown Yarns that is delightfully warm and soft and matches very closely in color to one of the Latifa colors. Thankfully too it’s furriness makes it very forgiving if you make a mistake, as I already have in a couple of places. Still, I’m almost done with the brim and hopefully will have the main part of the hat started after work tonight.

Food and Fun

Posted by jackie blue on November 20th, 2003

Sorry I have been missing. All of a sudden I have all this freelance work, not to mention social engagements, and little time for knitting and blogging.

I promised a recap of my dinner on Sunday.

I attended a dinner event called Foodie. It was started by a guy named Joe DeSalazar, who in his day job is an advertising account
executive, but in his desire is a chef. Although not formally educated in
culinary arts, Joe has volunteered in the kitchens of 11 Madison Park and
Cafe Boulud to learn how to cook for a large number of people.

Every other month, Joe rents loft space (the space varies) and invites 50
or so people to a 6 course meal with wine pairing. The latest one was
inspired by a recent trip to Italy. The menu:


N.V. Nino Franco Prosecco di Valdobiaddene Rustico (sparkling white

Three Crostini (Mortadella Mousse with Pistachio, Proscuitto de Parma with
Spiced Apples, and Butternut Squash, Pomegranate and Pancetta)


2001 Falesco Merlot dell’Umbria IGT

Reggiano Three Ways (flan, crisp, sauce, squash, basil oil)


1999 Allegrini Palazzo della Torre IGT

Tortellini en Brodo (homemade tortellini, homemade brodo, reggiano)


1999 Az Ag Icardi Barbera d’Alba Suri di Mu

Winter Timpano (homemade shell with tomato sauce, spinach, meats, pasta
and cheese)


2000 Santa Anastasia Passomaggio

Composed Cheese Course (fresh ricotta, La Tur, Chiabro d’Henry, Parmigiano


2002 Paolo Saracco Moscato d’Asti

Basil Cake and Ice Cream (homemade basil ice cream)

The food was extraordinary, the host and his small staff utterly charming,
and I had an amazing time. I went solo with the hopes of meeting other
foodie types (and I did, I knew if I brought friends my mingling would be
at a minimum) and the evening had the feel of group of friends at a lovely
dinner party. Joe has been mentioned in the NY Times (and my dining
companion to my left was Times food writer Amanda Hesser) and he wants to get the word out about his event. I would much rather keep him a delightful
secret but promised to do my part to tell people about this.

Joe charges $95 pp for the dinner, and it’s a bargain in comparison to
what that meal would cost in a restaurant.

Email foodieny@hotmail.com for more info.

OK, now that I have done my reporting on that, it’s back to my day. I have a little break from my work since my clients have to get back to me on some things, so I think I will catch up on a little TV and finish off Latifa (almost done!)

Hacking and Blogrolling

Posted by jackie blue on November 17th, 2003

Someone hacked the Blog Rolling site and killed everyone’s links. I’m rebuilding mine slowly (busy day) so if your link fell off my site, fear not, it will be back.

When I have time I will post about the awesome dinner I had last night.