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Archive for December, 2003

Happy New Year

Posted by jackie blue on December 30th, 2003

Forgive the silence but holiday festivities have taken over. I finally finished the Skinny Scarf late in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, just in time to give it to the recipient a couple of hours later. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo but the recipient’s mother did - perhaps I can get a copy at some point.

DSL was down all morning at work yesterday which meant that I could get back to the baby bobble jacket, andI should get some more done on that today. Tonight at SnB a film crew will be there and I’d love to go, also to check out the new location which I heard rocks, but something tells me I will get stuck at work too long. I always do.

I’ll be keeping it low key with some friends tomorrow night, and then a brunch on Thurs. I hope everyone has a safe and festive New Year’s.

Posted by jackie blue on December 24th, 2003

Knitting? What’s that?

Posted by jackie blue on December 23rd, 2003

OK, it’s been a really crazy week and I didn’t even finish the long skinny scarf. I might just do it today/tonight, but I’m wary of it too because it’s a little scratchy. Maybe it will not be a gift after all. I mean, I only have a day or two left for that, eh?

I’ve been socializing as much as I can and keeping busy with work. The weekend was full of parties, family gatherings, and I managed to sneak in a movie (The Cooler) as well. Now I have to find the time tomorrow (and tonight, perhaps) for laundry and baking for Christmas Eve dinner. I’m almost ready for the holiday season to be over, though I have to say, I like all the activity. Am I the only one that gets pretty depressed in January? Long long nights, cold cold weather, and people are so wiped from December that no one really wants to do anything. I forsee a lot of knitting after the New Year.

It’s a Frog Eat Frog World

Posted by jackie blue on December 16th, 2003

I looked at the chunky scarf today, all two feet or so of it, and ripped out the whole thing. What was I thinking? It’s way too thick a yarn to make a scarf that wide. The poor recipient will be smothered. I started it again at half the width and it will be one of those fabulously trendy Skinny Scarves like at the mall stores. Yeah, then it will get longer faster. I like that.

I’m exhausted. I really want to just sit in front of the TV and make the skinny scarf longer.