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Archive for January, 2004


Posted by jackie blue on January 27th, 2004

If there’s one thing the Golden Globes are good for, it’s knitting progress. Sunday night I finished the back and I’m about 2 inches into the left front of the baby bobble cardigan. I’m managing to get some done at work today as well so maybe there’s hope that I can complete this by the first week of March, when my mother goes to CA to visit the latest baby and recipient of this sweater.

I’m supposed to go see a friend’s band play tonight. Only problem is we’re expecting this huge Nor’easter and about a foot of snow and the music venue is clear across town. I thought it would be good to go to SnB first since it’s very close by the venue and would kill a few hours beforehand because I know if I stay home till 9:30 on a blizzard night I won’t want to go out again. (We’re expecting to get done early at work today and leave by 5 due to the snow so getting to SnB, for a change, wouldn’t be time sensitive). But the whole weather thing, even though I don’t melt in snow, is so unappealing to have to trek around in. I expect to play tonight by ear, and hope my friend doesn’t break my neck if it turns out to be too treacherous a long walk.

I’ll try and get updated photos of the baby sweater tomorrow.

January Blues

Posted by jackie blue on January 24th, 2004

My, I’ve been among the missing. I started working on the baby bobble jacket again today and I’m nearly up to shaping the armholes. I can’t believe how slow this little jacket is going but leave it to me to pick a pattern that intricate for fingering weight. I need to work on it more tonight but my mind is so elsewhere - today on a quibble with a client over an invoiced price and also having to deal with something I bought today that will need to be exchanged and their policy is only an exchange for the same thing when I know that the one I need was not in stock. I’m gearing up for another mini battle tomorrow and all it keeps resulting in is money out of my pocket, and my pockets aren’t so deep.

Aside from that I think I just have the winter blues. I had a nice night out with a friend last night but I’m laying low tonight and getting a little shackwacky I guess. My new TV and DVD system was supposed to help me sit still but that is so hard for me, I wish I could just relax for a few hours with knitting in hand and not feel like I must jump up every 10 minutes.

The SnB list is filled with people unhappy with the latest venue and I have to agree, it was WAY crowded and no place for our coats and things and the stools were so uncomfortable - I wonder what is going to happen. It was great returning last time and seeing people I haven’t seen in so long but now I fear the old regulars will stop going again (including myself as the night is still hard for me to get there on time, especially with a venue that overflows with people). I miss knitting in a group though. It was extremely productive for me as it forced me to stay focused.

Oh well, back to trying to work on it some more.

Stitchin’ & Bitchin’ Again

Posted by jackie blue on January 14th, 2004

Man, it was fun going back to SnB last night. The new venue, KnitNY, is great because of lighting, and yarn inspiration everywhere (but overpriced, I think) but it was SO crowded due to the fact that Newsweek was there interviewing and photographing us, and the stools were very uncomfortable. I’d like to return but aside from work timing issues, the real problem was being shoved in with no place for our stuff. However, it was wonderful seeing the old regulars back and I really hope I see these people more often.

Today I’m buried in dusty old components and shiny new ones, as I just got a new 30″ widescreen HDTV television, and a home theatre system to go with. A friend will come over tonight and help me streamline connections so I’m not so cable tangled. So far, I think I’m gonna LOVE watching DVDs at home now.

I think my face just fell off

Posted by jackie blue on January 10th, 2004

Well, it’s about 1 degree here, and wind chill of -15 or something. Still, I was just telling someone how I much prefer this weather to extreme heat. Although I’m lucky because I have the warmest coat and hat (just my face froze out walking the dog before) and I also have an abundance of heat and actually slept with the window open. It’s a sauna in here!!

It’s a good day to stay in and knit but I’m supposed to go to a museum with a friend. I’m waiting for him to respond to the fact that’s 1 degree out and we live nowhere near the museum.

Well, if this weather does keep up, at least I have a gorgeous new TV on it’s way…