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Archive for February, 2004

Debbie Bliss…

Posted by jackie blue on February 27th, 2004

is evil incarnate, and should be sentenced to reading every one of her patterns and writing them over in plain English. It took me over 15 minutes of staring at the instructions for the collar on the bobble jacket last night before I could figure out what in friggin’ hell she’s talking about. Never mind that it’s often harder for me to decipher patterns because as a left-handed person, I often have to reverse directions. But anyway, I got through it and collar is nearly done. Then just seaming the sides and sleeves and sewing on buttons. Woo hoo! I think I will definitely be able to give it to my mother by Monday or Tuesday to take along on her trip.

Tonight is my friend Brett’s birthday so instead of staying in and finishing the jacket as I’d planned, we’re going to do a low key dinner/movie evening. That means I should at least finish the collar this afternoon. What with tentative drink plans tomorrow night and the Oscars on Sunday, there isn’t too much time left. I hope to be outdoors on the weekend days since it’s supposed to be lovely. Ty deserves a long awaited day in the park, I think.

Almost Done

Posted by jackie blue on February 25th, 2004

Well, last night’s knit gathering turned into a slight fiasco when a) the filming crew for the news that was supposed to film us cancelled and b) the cafe we were meeting at was closing just as we all got there. It was a bummer for sure, not that I travelled far since my office is minutes away, but I did hire my dog walker for an extra evening. So although a bunch of people did go back to Debbie’s place to knit, a few of us didn’t want to crowd her, so I went up to my friend Meema’s two doors down and had a lovely quiet knitting night. And so, I am an inch and a half away from finishing the sleeve of the baby bobble. Freelance work is absorbing much of today and I have dinner plans tonight but hopefully in a day or two, you will read that I am seaming up and picking up stitches for the collar. Yay.

Trying to refrain…

Posted by jackie blue on February 24th, 2004

from working on the baby bobble at work today so I have something to work on at the little knitting group I’ll be attending tonight. I have only half a sleeve left, and then just the collar and make up. I’d rather be knitting tonight than sewing, so I think I’ll wait to work on the sleeve there. It’s hard to believe that when this is done, I have only one or two projects left in progress. A sweater for Ty, which he certainly won’t need till next winter so what’s the use in rushing, and my long neglected Surf sweater, which I’m eager to get back to, but isn’t a great project to work on in a group since it’s such a complex pattern and requires a lot of attention.

Hmmm… that means I have to start thinking about a new project. There are several things in the new Rowan, if I want to continue working in the same 4 ply cotton as the bobble…but I get bored using the same yarn continuously. I can make another bucket hat, but winter weather is nearly over. I have some yarn left that can be another baby thing, and I also keep meaning to make a felted tote. So I guess I don’t need to actually buy any yarn for a long time, dammit.

It’s lonely and quiet without my dog at work today.

Quite a weekend

Posted by jackie blue on February 23rd, 2004

Well, I did not have a single moment of knitting in the past few days. Friday night my out-of-town friends and I did the town, with many drinks consumed at both MOBar and Stone Rose. Needless to say, I spent most of Saturday recovering.

Sunday I found myself back up to the stores there where I bought a very hot outfit to go out in. Now I just need to go out again!

And to cap off the very Sex and the City weekend, last night 5 girlfriends and I (and one token male) had a very fun and bittersweet sendoff to the show that I have watched every single episode of numerous times. I will miss those girls, and the weekly love affair with my city that they gave us.

Tomorrow night I’m going to make an attempt to knit with some old knitting group friends, which reminds me, I need to call my dog walker today and schedule him for tomorrow evening. After all, I do have to finish off that baby bobble jacket very soon.