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Archive for March, 2004

A Purl a day…

Posted by jackie blue on March 31st, 2004

Just back from Purl in Soho with a pretty pale pink ball of 4 ply to use for the crocheted border of Arabella, and a size 1 needle to do the top band, and if all goes well, I should have her finished by the weekend. Does it matter though, at 45 degrees out? I think not.

tuesday’s grey and wednesday too

Posted by jackie blue on March 30th, 2004

So I finished the front of Arabella on Sunday and sewed the front and back together. Photo coming soon. Now I need to pick up stitches to knit the edging and I don’t have a #1 circular, or even #2 for that matter, so it looks like a trip to the LYS is in order tomorrow for a new pair of Addi’s. I also want to pick up one ball of Rowan 4 ply in a contrasting color for the crocheted border. I originally thought I’d do it the same color, and then I thought I would just use some off white Patons cotton I have lying around, but the gauge isn’t really the same and purist that I am, I think I would rather just get the Rowan. So I don’t think Arabella will be finished so soon, what with a freaky working schedule coming up, and not being able to do anything today.

Last night my dog walker of over a year went nuts and left me an accusingly nasty note (long story) and quit on me for no good reason. This after a 13 hour day at work - I tell ya, I am one mentally and physically exhausted chick today.
I’m really starting to think that I need to get away for a little while somewhere, despite the fact that I am barely making enough to call it a living. Something is definitely in the air lately and it doesn’t feel like Spring.

Frogs to the left of me, frogs to the right

Posted by jackie blue on March 28th, 2004

With no offense to our friends in the Frogpond, I seem to be having a very froggy weekend so far. First, I stayed up till past 2 a.m. last night to finish the front of Arabella. But being lazy and not using a row counter led to my decreases being inconsistant on either side of the tank, and this morning, after it was all bound off and everything, I frogged the whole top down to the point where I start dividing for the neck. So, I think I need to find my other #3 needles and just do both sides together.

Then tonight, after a movie with my friend Shirley who has also become a steady knitting bud, we went for a bite to eat and landed at the Parisian style brasserie Pigalle and as we sat waiting for our order, we discussed, what else, yarn. I told her of my impending delivery of lots o’ Phildar, and she told me of some patterns she acquired from Pingouin, and asked me how to pronounce that company’s name, and just as we discuss this, I look up next to us and there among the decor is one of those old style tin signs you see in all the brasseries, advertising what else? “Laines du Pingouin”, with a penguin balancing on 2 yellow balls of yarn. Now, just how weird is that?? Oh, I covet that sign. If it wasn’t bolted to the wall, I would have been tiptoeing out with it (and man, I deserved a prize after leaving a tip in spite of HORRIBLE service, I mean, our waiter disappeared for hours at a time). I wish I knew where to get one.

Well, we’ll see if tomorrow has more froggy things in store. I know at least I’ll be knitting up Arabella, again.

Here Comes the Rain Again

Posted by jackie blue on March 25th, 2004

You know, one of the advantages (disadvantages?) of living the freelance life is having a lot of time on your hands at given moments. Last night I stayed up till 2 a.m. just going through the knitting blogs in the Knitting Bloggers ring. And I didn’t even cover half of them. And damn if there aren’t a whole lot of really talented people out there. I’m inspired, yet I need to stop reading about knitting and actually knit some more.

Tuesday didn’t get busy till late afternoon so I managed to put quite a dent in the front of Araballa and I am almost up the armhole shaping. Does anyone else get a strange satisfaction from ending a ball of yarn and attaching a new one? I don’t know if it’s the feeling of actually getting somewhere, or just the fact that I just love touching new balls of yarn. Freak, I am. Anyway, I’ll be happy to move onto something else but using the 4 ply cotton for so many months lately has really made me fall in love with it. It might just be the perfect cotton yarn, soft without being mushy, hold it’s shape very well, and well, I like those small needles. A recent project on size 13s felt like I was knitting with drumsticks.

It’s a rainy day here, perfect for some TV and some more Arabella.