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Archive for June, 2004

I’m a knitting maniac

Posted by jackie blue on June 30th, 2004

So this is the Phil Ruban tank that I started some weeks ago and then left for awhile. It’s really the easiest top in the world to make and I think it came out kind of cute! Thanks Becky, for picking out a great color for me! (It’s actually much brighter than appears)
And then I also started the Kate tank on Saturday night and knit all through Sunday at the beach, finishing the back on Monday night!
This is one fast knit. Or else I’m just on a roll. I’m trying to hold off on the front, so I still have a small, light, travel project to work on. I’m working on the Pegase hoodie when at home, now.

I also just won an Ebay auction for some Rowan Cotton Glace. Hmmm, what should that become?

Guess who bought more yarn?

Posted by jackie blue on June 25th, 2004

This cheery orange cotton is destined to become the “Kate” tank from Phildar’s Famille, Eté ‘04. The photo does not do the rich color justice. Maybe I need a new camera.

if you love a thursday…

Posted by jackie blue on June 24th, 2004

There hasn’t been much knitting to speak of. I’m still nearly done with the back of the Pegase hoodie and the Phil Ruban tank. Work has taken over, and yesterday I had a home disaster - about a half gallon of house paint spilled in the bottom of a closet and I needn’t even tell you what a mess it was. Many things got thrown out. Some things were rescued but will forever have traces of paint. It took hours to clean. I’m just sorry I didn’t photograph the spectacle.

Then last night went out to dinner at Oceo and to see Fiddler on the Roof. The story makes me crazy but the show is very entertaining. And tonight I will joining friends for dinner at Zoe, so little knitting time will be had.

This weekend marks the 22nd Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island and of course friends and I will be there. If I haven’t posted before, Coney Island is where I grew up, and I always love to bring people out there, especially on parade day. It’s such a fun time.

Hopefully I will be back with actual knitting news soon.

The Sunday has come and the Sunday has gone

Posted by jackie blue on June 20th, 2004

Today was positively the most beautiful weather day we’ve had so far this year. Warm (hot!) in the sun, chilly in shade, brilliantly sunny, I couldn’t ask for more. Well, I could. I could have remembered the last skein of Phil Ruban that I left at home. It would have come in handy as my friend Shirley and I sat in Central Park knitting on the hill, listening to the guitar man, taking in the sun, Ty frolicking at our feet. It would have come in handy as my other skein of Phil Ruban came to an abrupt end. Oh well.

I just made my first batch of home made ice cream - peach. It’s freezing to firm up but oh my god, it’s delicious.

And so, with no more knitting news to share, I share this. It’s just a simple little photoblog I started, to have fun with new camera phone. The site needs more work. But it’s there, for now.