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Archive for July, 2004

Uh oh!!

Posted by jackie blue on July 29th, 2004

Thanks to an entry from MJ, I have just checked out the latest Rowan mag which should be on it’s way to my mailbox as I type. And remember that I mentioned I would like to knit a lace poncho/capelet? Well, I was going to maybe design one myself, but how perfect is Karis? The last thing I need right now is MORE projects to knit! Ack. I’d better get to finishing what I’m working on now!

It’s funny, I’m sure I mentioned this before, but why do I feel such guilt when I spend the day knitting? Like, I should be making revisions on a client’s logo, but I only just got them last night and should have a little leeway, time wise. And I should be going to the gym, but that’s only an hour or so out of my day. Why do I always feel like knitting is slacking off?

Wet Wednesday

Posted by jackie blue on July 28th, 2004

For starters, Happy Birthday Mom! My mother is a knitter too, and she’s been working on Posy from the same collection in Rowan #35 as my Alice.
I’m hoping to accomplish some knitting myself, and finally finish the shoulder/neck shaping on the Pegase hoodie back.
Not much else to report on this rainy dreary Wednesday, I’m afraid.

Is the weekend over already?

Posted by jackie blue on July 26th, 2004

Well, we had as good a time yesterday at our KnitBreakfast/Lunch as we did shopping the previous day. It was so nice to be in such fun company and to fondle all the gorgeous yarns at KnitNY inbetween bouts of knitting (and in my case - sometimes ripping - it’s not the best thing to knit lace while talking).
We decided too that it would be fun to have a knitalong for the Pooling Colors scarf in this month’s Interweave Knits, so guess who bid and won a hank of Schaefer Yarn “Anne” on Ebay last night? I’ll be all ready for a knitalong if you’re still up for it, gals.
Alice grew an inch or two but I decided that when home I really must concentrate on my Pegase hoodie and I also want to get my Denim “Surf” sweater out of hiding. So I suspect Alice will remain an occasional public knitting project, but probably won’t get done all that quickly.

knit bloggers outing

Posted by jackie blue on July 24th, 2004

I had the extreme pleasure today of meeting up with Alison, Elisabeth, and Jen for some shopping at Purl and Downtown Yarns, and some lunch inbetween. Alison’s mother is missing from the photo.
They have better photos which I hope they’ll post, mine was just from a camera phone. What a nice group of people and I look forward to seeing them again tomorrow for a KnitNY breakfast!
Luckily for me too, in the 40 percent off bin at Purl lived 2 or 3 skeins of Linen Drape, and one was the same sage green that Rowan sent to me for the placemat kit. Now I have 5 skeins, enough to use that yarn for a tank instead. How lucky is that? And how amazing to leave 2 yarn stores without buying anything else?

Will report back soon with Alice progress and news of our KnitBreakfast.