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Archive for August, 2004


Posted by jackie blue on August 26th, 2004

This 4 Ply Soft is indeed yummy. I had to wait till this morning to pick it up from downstairs package room since Mr. UPS did not buzz me yesterday, just left it there! The anticipation was killing me. But, it’s lovely and oh so soft, and the color considerably deeper than I expected (yes, even deeper than the photo, damn lack of natural light in the NYC cave) but that’s actually good, since the boots I recently got are a pretty deep green. I can’t wait to start Lisette. But I will not, till my cable hoodie is complete. Let’s see how much willpower I have…

Nothing up my sleeve

Posted by jackie blue on August 25th, 2004

OK, so I didn’t finish the first sleeve yet, as I thought I would by now. But I’ve made decent progress, I think.
My goal now is to have this one done by weekend, and the next at least started. The next two or three weeks will be really hectic with a tight deadlined project, so I don’t expect much knitting to happen. But, I have given myself a goal of the end of October to have this whole sweater done.

Today waiting for the UPS man with my 4 ply soft. Can’t wait to pet it…

How could I forget…

Posted by jackie blue on August 23rd, 2004

that I also bought myself a little birthday present? I ordered this yarn to make this sweater. After all, I need some simple knitting for public gatherings, Alice is a little too involved for conversation.

Thank you!

Posted by jackie blue on August 23rd, 2004

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a pretty good birthday and weekend. The weather was horribly hot and humid on Friday but it didn’t stop me from shopping around and getting some fab new earphones for my iPod and a kick ass pair of boots (green suede) too. Then a wonderful dinner at Hearth, which may be my new favorite restaurant (for now, anyway) and finally capped off the evening with a show at CBGB’s, as part of the Howl Festival. Whew, them’s a lot of links.

Saturday was nasty so a lot of knitting went on. And Sunday, a glorious day that should have been spent at the beach (but I got travel lazy) was spent on the hill in Central Park, listening to my favorite NY folk singer, and hanging out with Ty on the grass. More knitting.

I’m about a third way into the first sleeve of the cable hoodie. Pics tomorrow!