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Archive for September, 2004


Posted by jackie blue on September 29th, 2004

OK, who’s going? Looks like I’ll be there on Sat. the 16th. I want to see some knitbloggers!

I had to work on something, right?

Posted by jackie blue on September 28th, 2004

With the hoodie on hold and time in between client revisions, I HAD to keep my hands busy. Meet Lisette.
She’s gonna take a looooooooong time.

Crisis Averted - Maybe

Posted by jackie blue on September 27th, 2004

How’s that for fast? I’d just posted the previous when I heard from my Belgian source. They have the color and are sending one over. Assuming the dye lot isn’t too far off, I’ll be OK. Whew!

Still would love to hear if anyone has some *just in case*.

A plea

Posted by jackie blue on September 27th, 2004

Well, OK - it was pretty unanimous that the green Soft Kid stays. I have come to love it again, and beside that, the vendor in Germany has yet to respond to my email pointing out the color mistake. Oh well.

All that is minor compared to my latest knitting tragedy. I have finished the hood on my Phildar hoodie. I am way head of my end of October deadline and probably could have had the whole thing finished by next weekend. So what’s the bad thing? Well, I have RUN OUT OF YARN. I bought only the number of skeins that the smallest size called for - the next size uses one more, but even though I am knitting the small, I knit pretty tight. And I don’t have enough yarn to complete the very important band that ties the whole front of the sweater and the hood together. I am panicking!

The yarn was special ordered for me in France and shipped over and I was told that color may be discontinued. I have emails into Holland, Belgium, and France, but if anyone here reading this happens to have some Phildar Pegase in the color #110, Camel, laying around, I will be eternally grateful for just one skein of the stuff. Even a partial skein. Hell, I’ll take the scraps that were cut off from the ends if that’s all I can get. So, please comment or email if you have some!!