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Archive for March, 2005

Hello, it’s me

Posted by jackie blue on March 27th, 2005

Internet access going in and out, tons of work, and a pretty social weekend make for pretty bad blogging. And not a lot of knitting. Today I had a fabulous Easter lunch at Valentina’s (man, can that girl cook) but although many knitting magazines were perused and talk of knitting was abound, not a stitch took place. I think I really need a Drafty Table session this week.
But I made an executive decision the other day. Since Lisette’s sleeves were going so slowly due to my schedule, and because even if I kept plugging away I’d end up with a long sleeved, wool, rather dark colored sweater when I’m done, I decided to put her back in the UFO pile. Oh, she’ll get done, but right now there’s other things I feel I’d get more use out of. Like my half done Clapotis for instance. I picked that back up this week and I think I can get it done soon. Oh, but I’m distracted, and here’s why.
Yes, You’ve seen this many times before out there in Blogland. It’s the Rebecca mohair wrap. Everyone is making it. I’m not one to usually jump on the “everyone is doing it” bandwagon (exceptions: see, Clapotis, and the Ribby Cardi) but, I already had the exact yarn (same color, even) in my stash, and it’s cute. I bought the yarn to make another Rebecca wrap but decided along the way that it really wasn’t practical and wouldn’t get much wear. THIS, I will wear. And I will wave hello to all the other knitters as I pass them wearing the same thing.

Deadline? Did I say deadline?

Posted by jackie blue on March 23rd, 2005

Oh, forget it. These sleeves are the slowest growing things this side of arctic moss. I have 20cm so far but need 43 before I even start the sleeve cap shaping. Damn #3 needles. As much as I knit between all the work I have, they just don’t seem to get longer.

It’s a shame too because this is perfect Lisette weather, and I have other things I’d like to work on too. But I will persevere.

So my Sockapalooza recipent seemed to like her socks, yay! I haven’t received mine yet but my pal did say they were on their way, I wonder if my socks have far to travel or if our post office is just slooooooooow. Hmmm!

It takes two, baby

Posted by jackie blue on March 17th, 2005

Iiesette_sleeves.jpgIn my quest to get this sweater done soon, and not wanting to measure like crazy anymore, I finally decided to do what I always think I’ll do for each sweater - knit both sleeves togather. I hate the tangling but it’s working out better for me since I won’t have to count rows more than once.
afghan_squares.jpgAnd hey, you knew the second I got that merino that I wasn’t going to let it just SIT there, right? So I did 2 squares of my baby blanket afghan that weekend. I was just too busy to photograph them till today. It’s a bright and bold little bugger, eh? I hope my friend is really going to like this blanket.

So between taxes this week, and an eye doctor appointment (I’m still dilated here, I look like I’m possessed) - it’s been a crazy week, but I’m determined to make at least an hour or two of knitting time each night. We’ll see if I make my goal. I also have that Clapotis to finish too - I think I have the perfect place to wear it now…

A deadline

Posted by jackie blue on March 15th, 2005

I have the second front piece of Lisette almost done (again, after ripping) and then I have sleeves, a collar, and the whole bottom scalloped piece do to. I want to have it done by the end of this month. Think I’ll make it? We shall see…