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Archive for July, 2005

Tales of an almost shawl

Posted by jackie blue on July 25th, 2005

A Friday night home, a weekend on the beach, many projects in progress but shawl yarn just sitting there, you know I had to cast on for one, right? I had admired Ene’s Shawl ever since I got the Scarf Style book but when I saw Cassie’s in person, I knew I wanted to make this over all the Birches and Kiris and Flower Baskets.
So, I cast on the 375 stitches with the Alpaca Cloud. I used the knitted cast on as suggested, so it took about 2 hours. I cast on doubled and went single, also according to the instructions. Knit about 3 rows. Hated it. My normally tight tight knitting looked way too loose on the size 6 needles, with that fine yarn. I ripped, sadly.
I gauge tested with the Andean Treasure but that was WAY to heavy for this delicate shawl. So I decided the Alpaca Cloud would have to be doubled, and I’d order two more skeins. At that price, it wasn’t a hardship.
I cast on again, this time long tail. Screw it. It took way less time and this time I was able to cast on with all markers in place and dive right in. And dive, I did. It was 2 a.m. before I saw sleep.
I worked on it on the beach on Sat. and Sun. I got 10 rows in. 3,750 stitches, that is, for those keeping score. But it still looked wrong to me. Too loose. Even spread out, it was hard to distinguish the yarn overs from the stockinette part. Last night, after 3 days of work on it, I ripped again. Boo hoo, cursed scarf.
So now I have a dilemma. Do I go down a needle size or two, and try again? Or will that make too teensy a shawl? Do I give up on Ene’s with this yarn, and make Kiri or something (I think that will look lovely with this yarn actually), and order something else for Ene’s?
I just sent away for samples of the Blackberry Ridge yarn that Ene’s was written for. I guess I’ll see how much it differs from the Alpaca Cloud, though I’m not wild about the color choices for that one.
So for now, I must remain patient. I may go buy a smaller needle (I need a long one, 32″ or more) just to test it out. For now, I have plenty other things to work on, and must try to keep my impulsive tendancies at bay.

Well it’ll have to do

Posted by jackie blue on July 22nd, 2005

So the Phil Lin shell was altered again and the arm holes are fine now, but as you can see here, there’s a weird blip on the side where the seams were taken in. I’m going to give my mother one more crack at getting rid of the blip, but I guess the sweater is going to be what it is. And that, my friends, isn’t going to be one of my favorites. Live and learn. (I’m actually wearing another tank under it here, lest everyone think I’ve gained 50 lbs. Well, I probably have, but you know, it’s the extra layer).
And do to all my shawl envy, I’ve acquired this. Three kinds of Knit Picks yarn for shawling.
The variegated is Shimmer in Maple Leaf, the green is Alpaca Cloud in Moss (and oh, it’s lovely, it makes me not regret passing up some silk/cashmere recently) and the brown is Andean Treasure.
Can’t wait to make LACE.
Meanwhile, I have been knitting, on those baby blanket squares. I’ll save that post for next week, so I have something to post about!


Posted by jackie blue on July 17th, 2005

So I guess I should post about the Phil Lin shell. I painstakingly sewed all those pieces together a week or so ago. It looked so nice. Tried it on, and oh no! The arm openings were WAY too big. Gapping in the front big. I know I followed measurements for my size perfectly, so either the size was just too big for me, or the sweater is cut bad, or the yarn has no give and didn’t lay right. It wasn’t written for that yarn, after all, but I am usually really good at substitutions and gauge never caused a problem for me before.
So, I wasn’t about to undo all that seaming, what with those extra bands and all. I gave it my mother who took in the arm openings with the sewing machine. And yes, cut off the excess. I happily wear it to work the next day.
And flashed my bra to just about everyone. Either she didn’t take it in enough, or that yarn stretches like a mofo. I really wasn’t happy now.
So tomorrow that sweater is going back to her for one more alteration. Wish me luck! Hopefully this time it will be right, as I do love the design, and the Phil Lin is nice and cool in sticky weather. But honestly, while others have proclaimed their love for this yarn, I really don’t like it at all. It’s very splitty. It has no give, no memory. It was hard to work with, and from the looks of it, even harder to wear.
In other knitting news, I have started the sleeve for Deli, but the last couple of days, when not going to the movies (March of the Penguins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both were wonderful!) and buying and starting to read Harry Potter (I’m only on Chapter 3, not like the *4* people I know finished it already) - I was knitting with friends and working on those blasted intarsia squares for a baby blanket I’ve posted about briefly. 7.5 done, about 1000 to go. Sigh.

10 Reasons why it’s been quiet

Posted by jackie blue on July 13th, 2005

1) The Phil Lin shell, although finished and worn, needs alterations before photographing. Just not that happy with that one.
2. I took the time to upgrade Movable Type rather than post in it.
3. Dog was having issues again, too nerve wracked to really post. He’s better now.
4. I’m in blog building hell for a client. Why are those little touches on every template so time consuming?
5. I’m behind in work for another client.
6. I’m due to meet a VERY pregnant friend for dinner tonight before she gives birth.
7. I haven’t touched the green reliefs tank in ages.
8. I think about knitting more than I actually knit these days.
9. I will be immersed in Harry Potter after Friday.
10. I can’t think of a 10th.