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Archive for September, 2005

Weekend Part Two

Posted by jackie blue on September 28th, 2005

OK, so I’m a day or two late for “tomorrow” but you know, work pops up once in a while and gets in the way. So last Sunday, our favorite yarn cafe, The Point, and our favorite online knit mag Knitty, teamed up to celebrate Knitty’s 3rd Anniversary and did a charity knitting cruise. How fun is that? Well, I’ll tell you, very fun. The fabulous Knitty editor Amy was in town for the shindig and we all had a blast. Here’s proof:

Amy and Sock

Cassie’s wearing a brand new creation she will unveil

Sarah flanked by Amy

Miss Liberty made an appearance

Look, a whole boat load of knitters!

New Crawl Spot

Posted by jackie blue on September 26th, 2005

Y’all NYers know about Suss Design? She’s just opened a new spot on
Lafayette Street, between Houston and Prince. It’s today’s Daily Candy, in fact. I think a trip there is imminent. (And NO, I do NOT need more yarn, thank you. Just curious!)

Weekend Part One

Posted by jackie blue on September 25th, 2005

Saturday was a brunch and knitfest with some friends. After all, Carolyn and JStrizzy were in town! I brought out the long neglected Lisette sleeves as it was the most mindless of the projects I want to get done first. Carb Coma kept me from taking more photos but I did manage some, though our esteemed hostess is sadly missing from the evidence.
Our gathering was also a great excuse for a yarn swap, as we were all sick of the stuff in our stash that never seemed to get used. I unloaded some Patons Icelandic, Rowan Linen Drape, and the remainder of last year’s Brooks Farm Rhinebeck Mohair extravaganza. I loved that stuff but really didn’t need two sweaters out of REALLY WARM AND FUZZY mohair. Live and learn. I came away with some gems, like the Elena I wanted in off white but they were out of when I ordered, and some really soft natural colored alpaca, some Lara cotton yarn and a few balls of RYC Cashcotton 4 ply. Whee! I didn’t photograph the haul yet. But here’s highlights from Saturday:

Em cuddles Carolyn
Jenn and Cassie

Oscar, the kittenstealsyarn

Valentina and JStrizzy chat

Mindy contemplates the giant table o’yarn.

Tomorrow, the Knitty/Point cruise.

Checking In

Posted by jackie blue on September 23rd, 2005

I feel like I’ve had so little to report lately. I’m still plugging away at the blanket squares, at this report I have 5 and a half squares to go. Then finish sewing and knit the garter border all around. A friend gave me a gift certificate for my birthday that resulted in a pair of 60″ Addis, so I’m all ready for border knitting.
The lace edging is coming along with slightly less speed. I still have a long way to go with that one and still have to sew the sweater together first. But it’s still in the 80s around here (Hello? First day of Fall, anyone?) so I’m not that rushed.
The sock is almost up to the toe. I keep that one for subway knitting, mostly, and I’m rarely on the subway.
This weekend will be knitty as today is a no-work day (not really by choice - I have absolutely NO projects going right now - need to find work!) and friends tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be on the Knitty Cruise.
After these projects are done I’m going to return to two long neglected sweaters, Lisette and Carmel.. That’s right, I’m not going to start anything new. RIGHT?