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I said I wouldn’t start any new projects till a good deal of the stuff in progress was done. So what happens? I finished Deli and was staring at a gorgeous pile of Brooks Farm Four Play. How can I not touch? How can I not KNIT??

I think I’m hopelessly, desperately in love with these colors. Ohhh, the striping. The greens. The PURPLES (and I never liked purple, really), it is heaven.
I haven’t been ignoring other projects though. I have more than half the border on the baby blanket done. I am almost to the toe on my second sock. Lisette has taken a break but should be picked up soon. I have a secret project going as well. It’s happening, folks. I’ll report back.

7 Responses to “I Lied”

ohhh, I am loving the four play too. I’m making a hooded sweater… it’s such a joy to knit with. Whatcha making? LOVE the purple!

Glorious, those colors! I’m counting the days until my swift arrives so I can wind up my skeins of Duet.

Nope. You absolutely have to knit. Brooks Farm yarn compells you.

Those colors are gorgeous!!

I take full credit/blame for the purple! You finished something, it’s OK.


Uh-ohhhhhh, I feel Four-Play coming on! Damn, I had put it away and “forgotten” about it, but your picture just…..oh, man….see ya later!