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Archive for December, 2005

Santa was a little late…

Posted by jackie blue on December 29th, 2005

…but this arrived this morning. I think it may be Love.


I’d coveted one for years but tiny NYC kitchens do not afford that much space. I’m still not sure where it will go. And the color wouldn’t have been my first choice but it was A Deal and well, it looks nice near my blender which is 50s green. I can’t wait to make bread now!!
In knitting news, well, I started a sock. It’s the same socks I just finished. It’s the same yarn. Thankfully it’s a different colorway or I’d have a nasty deja vu. But those socks were for a swap, and I loved them too much. These are for MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The pic came out too overexposed though on this dark and rainy day, so it’ll be coming soon.
This may be a good day to finish the sock in front of the TV with the Party of Five Season 2 DVDs that arrived the other day. Ahhhh.

Posted by jackie blue on December 24th, 2005


Posted by jackie blue on December 23rd, 2005

So the Brooks Farm mystery cardigan sweater was feeling very neglected - and with a day off Tues. because of the transit strike (OVER now! Hurrah!) I had time on my hands to start the sleeves.


Yep, you probably figured out now that I am making a colortful adaptation of Rowan’s Elfin from a couple of years ago. I had all this GGH Soft Kid left over that perfectly matched a green in the Brooks Farm. I kept it secret because I wasn’t sure the thicker gauge and the BF yardage would work out for this sweater.
So it’s still in the experimental stage. The sleeve came out very wide once the ruffles were in and the pattern calls for almost immediate increases (I have never had a problem with big sleeves before, with my gargantuan arms!) so I am totally improvising the sleeves, doing decreases first for a bell sleeve and then increases, but to fewer stitches, for the top. We’ll see how this works out, but I am no longer in fear of running out of yarn, I think it will be OK.
I think the mohair could have been a deeper color but I’m sticking with it. It will be one colorful sweater.
Happy Chrismukkah, everyone! I hope you all have a great holiday weekend.

Holiday madness

Posted by jackie blue on December 21st, 2005

As everyone knows by now, there’s a transit strike in NY. I’m not a happy camper about this. Although I only commute 2 days and have the rest of this week to sit it out (though I lost a day’s pay yesterday when I wasn’t willing to walk to another borough - if I lived/worked near the borders maybe, but it was too long to even think about in this cold, or any time really) - it’s making a potential mess of holiday plans. I have too many things going on, some of which overlap, and I can’t even think straight enough to decide which events I will attend. I really just want to curl up in a little ball and watch movies and knit for the next week and a half.
I’ll spare you my opinions of this strike, I’ve already whined and ranted to various friends and family members.
A bit of holiday goodness though, I got these socks from Melissa and what beats getting hand knit socks in the mail? I love the colors and the pattern is really cool - it’s something I haven’t seen before, kind of a twirly rib. Thank you, Melissa!!
There’s been knitting on this end too but I think I’ll save that post for tomorrow.