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Archive for February, 2006

An Actual Lull

Posted by jackie blue on February 23rd, 2006

I can’t remember the last work day when I had some hours free. It’s been so crazy around here that having a little time in between client revisions is a treat. I should be at the gym, working off the winter weight. I should be doing laundry, which I did manage to pull together this morning. I should be taking Ty to the groomer, or making a hair cut appt. for myself which is long overdue. I am doing none of those, instead I am working on Tubey.

I called Purl today and they have a good deal of the blue I need. I considered going over there but I’m really not sure if I need one more skein or two. I decided they will still have the yarn tomorrow, so now I’m knitting till the point when I’ve run out of what I still have, so I can better gauge how much I still need. The good thing is I’m winging the stripes as I go along, so I can decide to use more of the dark blue or less depending on how it’s coming out. I will probably only need one skein. I want to be sure before I take the long walk.

I keep checking email around every 15 minutes. But until something vital comes in, you’ll find me knitting on the sofa.

Olympic Finishing Update

Posted by jackie blue on February 22nd, 2006

I have no idea how over a week has passed with no check in. Time is getting the best of me, but I managed to sneak in entire days of knitting over the weekend despite not having Monday off like most of this country. My goal of finished socks and gift has been met. Now it’s a race for finished Tubey. And there’s a handicap. I am running out of the dark blue yarn, for sure. But here’s where we are so far:


I still have a ton of work to do for freelance clients and a dental appt. today so I’m not even sure I’ll make it to Purl today for more yarn. I hope they even still have the color. But the possibility of finishing by the end of the weekend is there, and I remain optimistic.

I had to do this, if for Number 7 alone

Posted by jackie blue on February 13th, 2006

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Jackie!

  1. Czar Paul I banished Jackie to Siberia for marching out of step!
  2. Plato believed that the souls of melancholy people would be reincarnated into Jackie.
  3. Over half of Americans are officially Jackie!
  4. An average beaver can cut down Jackie every year.
  5. You share your birthday with Jackie.
  6. If you toss Jackie 10000 times, she will not land heads 5000 times, but more like 4950, because her head weighs more and thus ends up on the bottom.
  7. To check whether Jackie is safe to eat, drop her in a bowl of water; rotten Jackie will sink, and fresh Jackie will float!
  8. If you kiss Jackie for one minute you will burn six or seven calories!
  9. New Zealand was the first place to allow Jackie to vote!
  10. It takes more than 500 peanuts to make Jackie.
I am interested in - do tell me aboutherhimitthem

* Come to think of it, Number 6 is pretty funny too, and probably true


Posted by jackie blue on February 12th, 2006

Finally winter.


Finally a dog that plays with others.


Finally warm comfy socks, perfect for today.