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I can’t remember the last work day when I had some hours free. It’s been so crazy around here that having a little time in between client revisions is a treat. I should be at the gym, working off the winter weight. I should be doing laundry, which I did manage to pull together this morning. I should be taking Ty to the groomer, or making a hair cut appt. for myself which is long overdue. I am doing none of those, instead I am working on Tubey.

I called Purl today and they have a good deal of the blue I need. I considered going over there but I’m really not sure if I need one more skein or two. I decided they will still have the yarn tomorrow, so now I’m knitting till the point when I’ve run out of what I still have, so I can better gauge how much I still need. The good thing is I’m winging the stripes as I go along, so I can decide to use more of the dark blue or less depending on how it’s coming out. I will probably only need one skein. I want to be sure before I take the long walk.

I keep checking email around every 15 minutes. But until something vital comes in, you’ll find me knitting on the sofa.

3 Responses to “An Actual Lull”

knit away :) can’t wait to see tubey on you!

you still haven’t gotten a hair cut??? i’ve had at least two since last time i saw you!!!!! :) just kidding. only one. :)

Glad you’re getting in some knitting time, and especially that they have more of the yarn.