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I wasn’t supposed to buy any yarn. Any yarn that didn’t come from a gift certificate that is. And I wasn’t supposed to even think about new projects, because 2006 is the year of finishing, But oh, then this came along. And it’s so Jackie. So Jackie that I had to buy yarn immediately. I ordered this in this color:


because I so enjoyed it when I made that purple baby blanket, and because this is a good color for a lot of my summer wear. Sigh, no willpower. But at least no willpower cost less than $30 for both yarn AND pattern.
Alice has a second sleeve in the works and I expect to get more done tonight during the LOST finale when there is 2 hours of nothing happening and nothing answered.
In other news, my new toy arrived last night and I was up till 3 a.m. putting in contacts (and accidentally deleting many of them) from my old phone. Ah fun. I’m getting no work today - I can’t stop playing with it. And of course it has a camera:


Ty seems to be enjoying it. Oh wait, maybe it’s the Flossy making him so happy.Added later: I should probably point out that I know that yarn is a different gauge. I’m pretty good at adapting for size, so I’m not worried.

3 Responses to “I Caved”

I have been steering away from My Fashionable Life simply because I know I have to knit Cherry, along with the 2,327 pattern that I’ve labelled thusly. I should just cast on already! I am looking forward to tracking your progress. Happy Knitting.

Well, you’ll FINISH Cherry, right? So 2006 will still be the year of finishing. You had to buy the pattern and yarn. It was destiny.

yarn! new phone! lots of playtime!