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Archive for December, 2006

Year End Report

Posted by jackie blue on December 28th, 2006

OK, I’m sure by now you’re expecting a finished Aran Pullover. Or, AT LEAST, a matching knee sock. Or, one damn ruffle. Some sewing? Could I not offer at least that?

Well, no. There’s been knitting, and a little sewing, but nothing complete. The Aran Pullover has a back, two sleeves, and about 1/4 of a front. That’s in constant rotation so perhaps we’ll see a sweater soon. The sock is up to the increases on the calf. It’s only my travel project and traveling has been at a minimum lately, plus I usually have a 25 lb. dog in a massive carrier on my lap so it’s not really easy to whip out those needles lately. The ruffles? Ha.  Don’t even ask.

In sewing, I tried a first attempt at quilting a pillow top, but I don’t love it. I cut the fabric for the curtains, but haven’t sewn them. I’m thinking this Saturday might be a good sewing day. That is, if my series box set of Six Feet Under hasn’t arrived yet and I’m not mesmerized by TV, in which case knitting is more feasible.

So, what have I been doing? Well, my niece is pregnant with her third child. And the blanket I knit for the second child was inadvertently felted by the cleaning woman. (It’s still used, and loved, but just Not The Same). So, I promised one day I’d make another one. And that day has come, and I’m in blanket squares hell again. Though it’s less hell this time because I’m doing a sampler, so each square is exciting to start. Anyway, she requested a “neutral color” since we don’t know the gender yet, and I didn’t go, say, red, because I don’t know what the nursery colors are (they plan on fixing up a spare room) so I picked a very go-with-anything beigey tan. It’s Jaeger Baby Merino DK, and it’s MACHINE WASHABLE. Ahem.


Pardon the blending in to my carpet thing, there.

So, after a nice, low key, mostly off holiday week, I have three squares, and there you have it. Have yourselves a lovely new year. I’m going to have a really nice dinner with a good friend on NYE, and lots of knitting scattered throughout the weekend. I will see you in 2007.

Happy Holidays

Posted by jackie blue on December 23rd, 2006


Aran Update

Posted by jackie blue on December 14th, 2006

There’s been knitting going on, not that you’d really know it from this blog. But here’s the progress on the Aran Pullover - we have a fully washed and blocked back (fondly known as “my swatch”), and one sleeve. Second sleeve is in progress on the left.


The photo doesn’t do it justice. Washing has definitely softened it up and I think I’ve gained enough inches in the width. I’m a little hesitant about the sleeves being a bit tight around the wrist but I think I can block it a bit wider.

In other knitting, the second knee sock is coming along slowly. I really need to step up the pace on that one as there are many other socks waiting in the wings, and I’m wearing out the few hand knits socks I already have because I don’t like wearing anything else anymore. Spoiled! That means I have to knit more more more. And those ruffles? Hmmph. Haven’t touched them.

In sewing news, I practiced quilting for one pillow, but not very happy with the results. I cut the pieces for my curtains, but haven’t sewn them yet. Sigh. There really is so much going on in the next week it may be awhile.

And lastly, in pet news, Ty got really sick of all the bird talk around here. He insisted on showing off his new Holiday  Do.


Kennedy had a visitor

Posted by jackie blue on December 8th, 2006


And it appears that he and Ms. Too Much Wool are now in love. I’ll keep you posted on the nuptials.