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Archive for July, 2007

In which Jackie has had a week…one of those lists

Posted by jackie blue on July 27th, 2007

Friday, July 20 - Go to Harry Potter party. See Owls. See friend that works for B&N. Wait at midnight for Harry Potter with dog (different store, far less crowds).

Saturday, July 21-Sunday, July 22 - Lie on beach. Swim. Read Harry Potter. Check out new restaurant in mom’s neighborhood.

Monday, July 23 - Get drenched with dog in tremendous downpour. Sit at work wet all day. Be cranky.

Tuesday, July 24 - Work again. Worked some at second Jaywalker sock, which is coming out better on size 2 needles. Not striping as well, but it will fit.

Wednesday, July 25 - Reunion night. Last week got email out of the blue from best friend from my 20s. We had several falling outs but I can’t remember why. We stopped being friends about 16 years ago. We ran into each once or twice - last time was close to 9-10 years ago. You remember this photo of this sweater? That’s her with me, in 1985 or 86 I think.

Drink a lot, eat dinner, rehash old times, have a blast. Friends again.

Thursday, July 26 - Another reunion. Old friend Michelle in town visiting. We haven’t seen each other in maybe 7 years? She owns a yarn store in London now! How cool is that? We shopped all afternoon. This is Michelle.

Friday, July 27 - Forget knitting, it’s back to home improvement. I have a lot of paint samples left over from kitchen. This ugly counter is going.


Still in progress - a way to go. I’m thinking of calling this “Project Lagoon”.


Remember this sock?

Posted by jackie blue on July 17th, 2007

Well, after over a year I decided to pick it up again. I needed something small and portable for commute and beach knitting. My camisole is up to the fiddley straps and edging stage, and another top I really need to finish needs a whole neck redone, and I’ve been far too busy with work to deal with any of those, so a sock made sense. I whipped it out, I knit more leg, I got to the heel and finished that.And then I decided to try it on. I don’t know what I was thinking when I started this sock. I used #0s. I now had a pretty striped sock (a fluke, it’s not really self striping yarn) but I couldn’t get the damn thing over my foot. WAY too tight. Damn Damn Damn.

I have now started sock #2 on #2s. I doubt it will stripe like this. The band is pooling weirdly. But whatever.

If this works out, I will rip sock #1 and redo. Live and learn.

I hope to dig myself out of work hell soon. I have knitting AND sewing to catch up on - not to mention some photographing so I can blog a bit more. Wouldn’t that be a novelty?