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Finishing a deadline late last week meant that I could get in some knitting on the weekend, and I’m nearly done with the back of the Lush and Lacy. I’m not sure what I’m thinking, knitting a Spring sweater out of alpaca (I tend to be warmer than most people), and I’m still not loving the color, but Michelle gave me the idea to dye and I think I will. I want to dye it with Kool Aid since I want a bright happy color anyway, and I’d rather use something fairly non-toxic as I don’t have any big extra pots and I don’t care if I dump this in a soup pot, it’s food after all.


I  had already started the sweater, so instead of dyeing yarn skeins I will be dyeing knit pieces (before sewing) - anyone have any good luck with kool aid and dyeing complete garments?

Now the problem is what color, and finding the Kool Aid. Seems every store in my neighborhood carries only the sweetened kind but I managed to find the packets of only 2 flavors in a local supermarket. Not the ones I’d hoped for, I wanted blues or greens, but you know yellow and orange are the colors for Spring around here.


I bought a few packets to experiment before picking a color. If they turn out awful on the pale green, I might have to resort to Ebay to get other packets. Looks like a dyeing experiment might happen around here tonight, folks.

3 Responses to “Lush and Lacy underway”

Talk to Claudia before dyeing. She is the dye Queen and I’ve seen her caution against whole garment dyeing before. Though, I bet a Mango color will look great on you.

Alas, I have never had success dyeing whole garments….splotch city. I think Bonne Marie had some better luck with this…troll through her archives or email her.

I lurk here a lot, but want to pipe up on the dyeing.

I was also surprised at how few flavors are available in the grocery store, even in suburbia.

Bonne Marie and check Ravelry too, if you’re a member. There’s a large number of helpful dye-ers there.

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