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Archive for April, 2008


Posted by jackie blue on April 29th, 2008

I’ve been holding off on posting - wanting to have a new FO to show off after weeks of non-activity - but it’s just not done yet, so here’s one of those catch up lists instead.

What I’ve been up to while not blogging:

1) Going to shows. I’ve seen 4 Broadways shows since the new year - and I’m seeing my fifth next week. I’ve also been to the opera, and seen several bands. I have one of those concerts tomorrow night, too. *added later - just bought tix to the 6th show, 3 days after the 5th. whew!

2) I have been knitting. I finished the Lush and Lacy except for tacking down the pockets, and the %#^&%^# buttons that were shipped last week and still haven’t arrived. Bummed, because not only was it good blog fodder, but we have a nice cool week in which to wear alpaca. Soon it will be 85 degrees and that’s just way too warm for me to be wearing anything fuzzy. I also started the Sylph cardigan from Interweave, but it’s black, and doesn’t make for very interesting photos. And guess what else I ressurected from the dead? My Alice. Working on the second sleeve.

3) I’ve been sewing a bit. I got out the duvet cover I started last year and finished all the blocks, then realized I was grossly short on fabric for a queen sized cover. And, also discovered the fabric I bought has been discontinued. I combed the internets for places with some stock left - and it’s on it’s way. I just need the fabric and one more rainy weekend to hopefully finish it up.

4) I’ve been ridiculously addicted to a game on Facebook called Packrat. I’ve lost hours and hours of my life to this game, which is another reason I’ve had little urge to post here. Now that I’ve nearly finished what I could at that game till the devs release more of it, my free time is a little more diversified.

5) I’ve been slowly trying to update my portfolio/website. I need to get some more work and make some real money for a change.

And that’s the short list. I hope to have some buttons in my mail box when I get home and I should have a pciture happy post for you soon.

Catching up on my ABCs

Posted by jackie blue on April 21st, 2008

I know, I’ve been a bad girl.

E is for Early Spring


F is for Flowers


I like to keep my bathroom a happy place

G is for Green


Cooking up something yarny