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I know, imagine this - an actual post about knitting. I *finally* finished the Lush and Lacy cardigan and wore it yesterday. Overall, I am really happy with how it came out. I know that I took a big risk by dyeing a whole garment rather than just yarn. Even more so that it was my first dyeing experience.

As predicted, the initial results did come out a bit spotty. But I was fine with not having a uniform color - I didn’t mind some variegation as I felt it would look hand dyed and that’s ok - it’s just the old ugly color showing through looked somewhat brownish against the new bright happy green. My solution - mix up more Kool Aid in a glass - take an old pastry brush - go over spotty areas - microwave 2 minutes to set the color. I did this a couple of times, and I’m completely satisfied with the result.

Yarn used - Elann Pure Alpaca in a dull grayish green that depressed me.

Kool Aid used - Lemon Lime, 50 packets purchased, maybe 30-35 total used.

Excuse the cropped shots, we were not looking our best yesterday. 
This sweater makes me happy. 

20 Responses to “Finally - the big Kool Aid Dye Job and an FO”

That sweater is totally adorable. I might have to make one now.

Nice job with the dyeing too. It looks great!

What a brilliant success! It looks fantastic. And a faint mottling will just give it visual depth.

Your version of this sweater is SO wearable. I love it! And I am so impressed with your dye job. Nice work!

omg, it looks fantastic!! What a great sweater and the dye job is amazing.

I think it looks great!!!

That dye job looks great! I’ll admit to being surprised. But good on you for taking the risk.

Hey, long time no talk. Just wanted to see how you are and say hi. :-) Wow, that sweater looks great! I love the fit and the dye job.

It looks fantastic! And I think gives me the push I need to start my own dye project with this same yarn. Nice work!

Wow! That turned out great! I love the new color.

Ooooooh, it’s fabulous! I’m sure you’re thrilled with the way it turned out. Wow!

Wow. You are one brave lady. I would never have had the guts to dye a finished handknit sweater. And it’s gorgeous (on you and in general)! Maybe I’ll see it in person some day?

That came out so cute! But get yourself some acid dyes. You’re going to go broke dyeing with Kool Aid.


OMG! I love that sweater! It looks so cute in the happy green version, perfect for your coloring.

I shall have to put that one on my list.

You are one daring lady! It came out great.

Awesome job! Love the limey green. It looks great, does it smell all fruity?

that is delightful. and brave.

Wow, I love that sweater!! The color is amazing and the sweater itself is adorable as well!

Lovely! That was brave — I’m so glad it worked.

It looks gorgeous. I never dyed anything before, so brave of you. The colour is lovely.

I have tagged you for the Five Things Meme if you feel like doing it.

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