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Archive for the 'Home stuff' Category

Lots of blue and green

Posted by jackie blue on November 29th, 2007

I don’t know how a whole month has practically gone by. I’ve been busy Chez Blue - transforming my bathroom from a miserable place to one I don’t mind spending time in - all it took was a new coat of paint (in a similar color as before) - a new floor, some brighter linens, etc. I am an idiot and did not take good before photos. I don’t have a photo at all of my former towel storage/hamper - a 5 drawer chest made of cardboard and covered in fabric that was painted the wall color. I can’t believe I spent 14 years with cardboard furniture. Anyway, here are some befores - and some afters.

New floor in progress.
And now the afters.

It still needs some minor work but I’m so much happier with it now.

And look - there’s been knitting too. Hourglass is nearly done.


I hope to have it finished by this weekend.

OK, ok

Posted by jackie blue on August 16th, 2007

So my friend Lindsay was clamoring for a post here but she’s off galavanting Europe so will she even read it? No, but maybe the one or two of you left will.


I finally finished that second Jaywalker, up two needle sizes - and ripped out the first one. Here’s the finish. Yes, I have tiny feet. And it didn’t stripe anywhere near as nicely. But I cast on for the other one already and hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a pair of somewhat ugly socks. You know what? I am so over the variegated yarn socks. Except maybe Trekking. Oh yeah, I still have a pair of THOSE unfinished. But I decided, since socks are all I have patience for lately, that I’d rather do solids. I broke my “I don’t even want any yarn” mantra to order 3 colors from Knitpicks, and pretty solid socks with cool knit patterns are in my future.

What else? Oh, just enjoying (or trying, today’s weather sucks) what’s left of summer. Three more beach weekends, and this weekend is supposed to be a high in the mid 70s. Oops. I guess it’ll be cool on the beach but who cares, I’m going.

I’ve been enjoying local summer produce. Last night’s dinner was sooooo easy and delicious. Sauteed summer vegetables with seared scallops, all from the greenmarket. How I love being two blocks away.


The rest is all work, work, work. As soon as summer weekends are over though, out comes that sewing machine.

In which Jackie has had a week…one of those lists

Posted by jackie blue on July 27th, 2007

Friday, July 20 - Go to Harry Potter party. See Owls. See friend that works for B&N. Wait at midnight for Harry Potter with dog (different store, far less crowds).

Saturday, July 21-Sunday, July 22 - Lie on beach. Swim. Read Harry Potter. Check out new restaurant in mom’s neighborhood.

Monday, July 23 - Get drenched with dog in tremendous downpour. Sit at work wet all day. Be cranky.

Tuesday, July 24 - Work again. Worked some at second Jaywalker sock, which is coming out better on size 2 needles. Not striping as well, but it will fit.

Wednesday, July 25 - Reunion night. Last week got email out of the blue from best friend from my 20s. We had several falling outs but I can’t remember why. We stopped being friends about 16 years ago. We ran into each once or twice - last time was close to 9-10 years ago. You remember this photo of this sweater? That’s her with me, in 1985 or 86 I think.

Drink a lot, eat dinner, rehash old times, have a blast. Friends again.

Thursday, July 26 - Another reunion. Old friend Michelle in town visiting. We haven’t seen each other in maybe 7 years? She owns a yarn store in London now! How cool is that? We shopped all afternoon. This is Michelle.

Friday, July 27 - Forget knitting, it’s back to home improvement. I have a lot of paint samples left over from kitchen. This ugly counter is going.


Still in progress - a way to go. I’m thinking of calling this “Project Lagoon”.


What I’ve been doing on my not yet summer vacation

Posted by jackie blue on May 29th, 2007

Not knitting much, I’ll tell you that. I do a line here and there on my ribby cardi. But I sure don’t need a wool sweater these days. So today I dug out an old started project, the ballet camisole from Magknits. A quick easy knit, right? sure. Provided I can concentrate on more than a line at a time.

So with the baby quilt washed and packed off and given to it’s recipient (finally! and you know, washing it puffed up the stitching and gave depth to the flat colors that wasn’t there before - and I ended up really liking the quilt in the end) I needed a new quilt project - so here’s fabric that is actually going to be a quilt style duvet cover rather than an actual quilt. I started on it the other day.


I really lamed out this weekend - usually memorial day weekend is the first beach weekend for me and this year the weather was really accommodating. But I relished some quiet time and getting things done. I’d been so busy lately that projects were piling up. So aside from one evening of dinner/drinks and a lot of sitting in park time, I holed myself up to sew. I finished a top I’d started literally a year ago. Photos of that soon. And, I started on a skirt that I’d cut weeks ago. I was helped along by watching the entire second series of Life On Mars in one day, and most of Life As We Know It the next. It’s not like me to spend a beautiful weekend indoors so much but I needed this down time.

I watched my little garden grow.


I also cooked. Prune meatballs from Chocolate & Zucchini.


And I prettied up the place a little. Sometimes it’s nice just being home.