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Archive for the 'Knitting Stuff' Category

A bad case of startitis

Posted by jackie blue on February 15th, 2008

I’ve really been too swamped with work to knit much, but when I do, I’m just getting bored with finishing old projects. Yes, I know I should. Yes, I do need to get them out of the yarn bags and whittle away at the bulk. But I’m also into stash busting lately, so I’m trying to feed my ADD and desire to get rid of all the yarn by starting every new project I can. And so, we have:

Startitis #1, the next hourglass, out of 3 year old Rhinebeck Alpaca. This the one I started twice due to supposed twisting. Damn thing still twirls on the needles but I know it straightens out. It’s mindless boring TV knitting, and yet I can’t seem to get further than this.


Startitis #2, a sock. A plain old sock out of Knitpicks Essential. I needed a subway/office project. No pattern being followed, just some cute twisty ribs.


Startitis #3, started last night. I’ve had this Elann Pure Alpaca forever. ForEVAH. I kept changing my mind what to do with it, and finally decided to use half or less (I have 20 of these suckers) for the cute Lush and Lacy Cardigan that everyone is queueing on Ravelry. It’ll be a cute spring sweater - but I can’t help feeling a little bit like I am over these muted colors and wish it was a bright happy green. This sage/asparagus/avocado is so 5 years ago. But whatever. It’ll be cute. If it gets beyond this stage. Man, just started items are really boring to look at.


I hope after the nightmare that is my 56 page magazine supplement is done today, one of these items might grow a bit. Which one will it be?

FO #4

Posted by jackie blue on February 11th, 2008

I hate these socks.

I finally finished the Jaywalkers I started oh so long ago. I had to reknit that first sock to make them bigger because the Jaywalkers are so not stretchy and I couldn’t get it over my heel. When I loosened them up, the stripes became much wider.

I hate them. I hate the colors, which looked great in the skein but crappy knit up in big stripes. I hate the big stripes. I hate that the two socks don’t match AT ALL - one has thin yellow and the other fat yellow stripes.  I hate the pattern, which makes a tight non-stretchy fabric. I hate everything about them but the feel - the Sock Garden is nice and soft and warm. It’s a good thing I wear mostly boots. I will wear my ugly socks in my boots, and rarely have to look at them, and instead will see the silver lining, a warm sock that feels nice once I actually get them on.

Sigh. So much hate. But it is Monday, after all.

FO #3

Posted by jackie blue on February 3rd, 2008

Hedera socks, out of Knitpicks Essential

The first sock took a week or two. The second one only took 3.5 months.

FO #2

Posted by jackie blue on January 29th, 2008

It’s freezing in the office today. Perfect time to whip out the newly finished wristwarmers. Love them. They are soft and warm and perfect for letting me still type, and knit during down time.


Pattern: Rose’s Wristwarmers, from http://www.christinaslattery.com
Yarn: Karabella Margrite, merino/cashmere blend